Specialized Management Consultancy

We offer our consultancy related to :-

Choosing the appropriate activity to start up your new project and explaining the investment opportunities available .

Preparing feasibility studies for projects to be implemented for submission to all authorities.

Identifying appropriate funding sources for companies and organizations.

Making commercial register, establishing companies and opening branches for foreign companies .

Preparing and drafting all agreements and contractual forms for companies and organizations.

Intellectual property rights and registration of trademarks.

Clearence of all governmental transactions for companies and organizations.

Preparing short and long-term action plans

Preparing & developing the organizational structure in addition to the rehabilitation and training of staff.

Liquidation, dissolution and cancellation of companies and settlement of commercial disputes.

Training and qualifying entrepreneurs to measure the results of activities, control their companies and follow up their work and investments.

Financial and tax consulting and accounting activities

We offer our consultancy related to :-

Comprehensive financial analysis, measurement of business results and data analysis to assist decision makers and partners before expansion, contraction or liquidation .

Setting up financial and regulatory systems and policies for all levels of companies and organizations.

Designing and preparing accounting systems and programs suitable for companies and organizations to measure business results easily.

Rehabilitation and training accounting program users, follow-up all data entry and preparing all reports.

Monitoring the implementation of accounting operations accurately to detect any manipulation or omission.

Risk management and analysis and providing with all dynamic solutions for all kinds of likely risks .

Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports for official bodies.

Preparing tax declarations and communicating with official bodies to discuss and/or explain any views.

Communicating with the financing authorities to explain all views related to borrowing, supporting or scheduling receivables and arrears.

Assessing companies and assets at the time of sale or purchase or in case of liquidation or bankruptcy.

Educating, training and appointing new accountants or assessing current accountants.

Marketing and Advertising

We offer our consultancy related to :-

creating & development of marketing and advertising strategies based on all political, economic and cultural factors.

Creating and implementing advertising and marketing campaigns in all conventional and digital publishing channels.

Writing advertising and marketing content in websites and publishing media.

Designing and implementing logos and all publications related to the company.

Designing billboard, banners, and covers of publications, books and magazines.

Creating new and special marketing and advertising ideas and materials.

Press / TV / radio and social media ads.

Selecting distinctive and meaningful trade names.

Rehabilitation and training on marketing and sales.

Designing , developing & managing companie's websites.

Commercial and financial disputes

We offer our consultancy related to :-

Providing impartial advice that helps resolve commercial and financial disputes.

Preparing accounting reports and submitting them to the competent courts according to their mandate.

Liquidation of all kinds of companies.

Commercial arbitration between domestic and foreign companies.

Education and training

We offer our consultancy related to Providing specialized education and training in :-

Management, organization and staff personnel affairs.

Accounting and auditing.

Marketing, sales and advertising industry.

The economy, investment and stock exchange.

Media and radio production

produced by More Income International

We offer our consultancy related to :-

Performing, producing, marketing and publishing works of art (advertisements, radio and TV shows, event songs, promotional films, documentaries, concerts, children's plays, radio programs).

Dubbing and translating of works of art, ads and other works.

Writing screenplay for visual and radio ads.

Creating distinctive cartoon characters as a promotional brand.

Sound recordings (poetry - songs - special occasions - weddings - birthdays).

Covering, recording, editing and directing all visual materials (concerts, birthdays, celebrations, honoring events, press conferences, symposia, festivals).

produced by More Income International
produced by More Income International

Exhibitions and Conferences

We offer our consultancy related to Organizing special exhibitions and conferences to:-

Organizing business exhibitions, conferences, campaigns and promotional works.

Organizing, managing and planning special events (press conferences).