We lend our helping hands via providing you with the most appropriate solutions , guidelines & techniques of all accounting affairs & all financial

Reporting services through our knowledge , expertise consultant staff & many twinning agreements with the most famous financial & consulting Companies in GCC , north africa & many countries in all over the world .

We concentrate on your core business & provide you with complete consultation regarding all international accounting standards as well as all Governmental laws & regulations .

We gurantee for you qualified staff , high skilled & experience that make you feel assured of receiving the most appropriate consultations that Will be considered the foundation stone of your business launching or development .

Book Keeping

We combine a team of experts, systematized processes and procedures, and the latest in accounting technology to ensure our clients receive the best services to support their unique business needs.

We are responsible for recording all daily entries of accounting transactions: vendor bills, customer invoices, bill payments customer payments and Deposits other disbursements and withdrawals .

Our bookkeepers staff maintain complete and up-to-date detailed accounts receivable, accounts payable and cash account ledgers and provides Daily or weekly reports on these and other critical areas of business management .

We either process payroll or make the necessary entries to record payroll processed by a third party provider . In either case, payroll entries will include complete recording of gross wages, employer tax if there is and other payroll expenses, and payroll liabilities.

Taxing consultations

Our tax accountants, auditors, lawyers and corporate consultants support international companies in different countries and businessmen in all issues concerning taxes and tax laws .

Our aim: we want to manage your tax situation in the way that it is 100% legal, transparent and tax efficient.That means that you will not have to pay more taxes than necessary. We will find the best solution for you in order to guarantee the highest level of tax efficiency and a smooth communication with the tax authorities.

Presently we are holding seminars & workshops that concern the application of VAT law in Bahrain that is expected to be put into effect from the Mid of upcoming year .

We are qualifying the accountants and all financial staff of different Bahraini establishments & corporations in order to let them have comprehensive Knowledge about VAT & taxing accountancy specially that this is the first time to be applied in Bahrain & all GCC .

Business Management - HR

We support our clients to find out talanted leaders & staff for what is next via following scientific steps :-

* we make planning for our clients in order to find out the most appropriate staff through understanding and realizing firstly the nature of the Organization , it's business goals , culture as well as the specific requirements for appointment .

* After receiving many submitted biographies from different potential candidates there is a refining is implemented in attempt to get the ideal Candidate and create communication materials with our clients that describe the opportunity of his organization for potential candidates.

* For our selected potential candidates , they are throughly screened , their qualifications are examined , past performance is verified , motivation And personality assessed & where their appropriate strengths & weaknesses are appraised.

* finally both our clients & selected candidates depend on our vast reserve of knowledge & experience of the market's compensations & Benefits to discuss and structure a competitive & equitable package .

For board services we have some integrated services such as the following :-

  • Board of directors, committee chairperson and advisory board searches
  • Board appraisals
  • Placement of HR executives on boards
  • New board member integration
  • Team building
  • Compensation consulting
  • Organizational development
  • Corporate governance consulting

  • In addition to all above mentioned services we have other services for the start ups of the business such as the following :-

  • Introductions to venture capitalists, private equity firms, angel investors and strategic partners
  • Fundraising
  • Business plan preparation & review
  • Strategic planning
  • Advisory Board recommendations

We have highly trained & experiences staff who can design & implement some critical leadership programs such as the following :-

* Providing organizational analysis and needs assessment .

* Facilitating the process to define or reinforce corporate culture .

* Conducting 360 degree performance feedback programs .

* Enhancing the talent acquisition process (sourcing, assessment, and selection) .

* Developing new employee integration programs .

* Implementing employee retention programs .

* Designing reward and recognition programs .

* Creating formal compensation programs (including bonus and sales incentives) .

* Leading acquisition integration initiatives .

Business Management - Marketing

We have deep expertise in developing comprehensive customer and market insights to identify new opportunities for clients.

We helps companies plan and implement successful strategic marketing programs that are on-target and resonate with their audiences.

We provide clients with deeper insight into customers' needs across multiple demographic segments . Then works with them to develop innovative marketing campaigns that yield a high return on investment (ROI) .

Our marketing and sales capabilities include brand strategy, customer relationship management, sales optimization, channel strategies, pricing ,customer segmentation, new product development, product portfolio optimization and marketing strategy.

They will guide you to follow all procedures & steps that will enable you starting up your business matching with all Bahraini laws & regulations .

Business Set Up in Bahrain

We serve our domestic & international clients if they are willing to invest in Bahrain by facilitating all procedures through our licensed lawyers Staff in Bahrain that will support you with words & deeds .

They will guide you to follow all procedures & steps that will enable you starting up your business matching with all Bahraini laws & regulations .

Product of Artworks

Through group of creative youth & via new strategies of MORE INCOME that are based on the leadership , initiation & excellence , we are seeking To present multiple of artworks that aim to solidification of best values , attitudes & behaviour with public .

Therefore it's great honor to MORE INCOME GROUP to launch it's first artwork as a presentation to Bahraini people,wise leadership & government Via song of ( ANA EL BAHRAINI 2017 )

This section is managed through large group of directors , scenarists , authors & composers from different middle east countries (Egypt - Jordan- Syria - Saudi arabia -Iraq ) who play significant role for discovering the talented youth in different fields of artworks .

We will be so pleased to receive your calls & queries regarding of this through the responsible manager Mr Saeed Ragab Swailam via e-mail : / or telephone : 00973 36649576