Abstract About Us

we are a bahraini consulting company supporting domestic & international companies in their investment and business . we are successful when the business of our clients is successful.

More income for international consulting has been founded as a bahraini consulting company at the beginning of 2017 . In our office we have professional and long career history accountants , financial experts , taxing accountants and lawyers

we support all business projects either domestic or international for their investment and development in bahrain , gcc and all over the world .

Vision & Corporate Principles

our vision is to support the business projects of our clients via presenting and providing them with the most appropriate solutions and competencies in our fields that we are specialized in that allows us to create a better quality of business life for them .

Our Mission

High quality Consulting Transparency and Significant solutions. Concentrating our Minds on Client satisfaction With all Methods & techniques

Our Team

our basic team is formed of a professional staff members that consist of :-

Further professionally trained accountants who are responsible for providing our clients with all accounting and bookkeeping services .
Highly experienced auditors and IFRS specialists .
Long career history of taxing consultants and accountants who are following the establishing and developing the most recent rules of taxing laws in the middle east
Highly experienced marketing consultants , Feasibility studies makers & HR team who plays active role in selecting and training the required staff members of our clients .
Bahraini licensed lawyers who support our clients in all legal procedures for investing and developing their business projects in Bahrain.

Our Office

Our office is on the fourth floor of Diplomatic area in an excellent central location in Manama , ideal for doing business

This is where our employees work and where we meet our clients and business partners . 

With the help of the following photos you will be able to make your own impression. You are more than welcome to visit us in person in order to take a look at our office.